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The Print Academy is an arts mentorship program for Boston-area youth located at Eliot Congregational Church on 56 Dale Street, Roxbury. 

http://richmarfashions.com/product/t6690-y466-pumkin-missy-fashion-dress Our Goal and Mission

To promote art as a self-empowering tool for the creation and communication of meaning. 

What differentiates the Print Academy from other programs?

The focus is on apprenticeship, internship, and mentorship (AIM).  The intent behind Print Academy’s AIM philosophy is for young artists to train as apprentices, receive work experience as interns, and nurture professional contacts through mentorship.

The mentorship component is direct, one-on-one, and individual in nature, and lasts as long the apprentice continues to make art, which could be indefinitely.  In this sense, apprentices never “age out” of the mentorship the Academy provides, since the mentorship is offered over an apprentice’s entire lifetime of working as an artist.


Budget constraints dictate the elimination of art programs in many of our most under-funded schools.  Mentoring in the arts is at a premium. 

The easiest way for young people to make their place in the world is by making part of the world.  Only through contribution do people gain their foothold, a true sense that, somehow, they belong. 

Young students, who participate in the Print Academy, become apprentices within a time-honored trade—a trade that speaks to a grand legacy of artistic production locally and abroad. 

Program Nuts & Bolts

Apprentices explore art-making trends primarily in two-dimensional media such as drawing, painting, and collage.  Concepts in photography, printmaking, and three-dimensional art are examined as well.  Over the course of their entire engagement with the program, apprentices will receive direct one-to-one mentoring and instruction in a variety of disciplines and approaches.

The Print Academy program is divided into two main calendar periods: one occurs during the academic year, the other during summer months.  Once accepted into the Academy, an apprentice has the option of participating in one or in both components each year up until the apprentice turns 19 years of age.  The one-on-one mentoring, however, can last as long the apprentice continues to make art, which could be indefinitely.  In this sense, apprentices never “age out” of the mentorship the Academy provides.

During the academic year, studio sessions occur on the second Saturday of every month and are scheduled for 10am-1pm.  During the summer, studio sessions are scheduled for once-a-week (typically Tuesdays), 3-6pm.  All studio sessions—academic year and summer—occur on location at Eliot Congregational Church in Roxbury (56 Dale St, Roxbury, MA 02119).

Apprentice Attributes

Must be age 13-19, must be respectful of others, and must demonstrate a clear interest in art.  Qualified applicants are admitted on a rolling basis.